Major General John Enenche said, the Nigerian military is at final stage of defeating terrorism and banditry in the North-Western part of the country. The development in recent days signifies that the game is changing rapidly in favour of the Nigerian Army.

He recounted the recent gun battle between the military and the terrorists was lopsided affair in favour of the military. He also said that there have been zero casualties in the past two days of operations.

The Major General said the Nigerian Army deployed the troops across the North-Western region to keep surveillance in strategic areas. He noted that Nigerian intelligence always provided them with credible information about the actual location of bandits.

However, Major General Enenche said his team is currently teaching and guiding troops on how to identify suicide bombers across the board. He also revealed that his team was getting more troops ready and deploying them to strategic locations for actions.

He noted that the team will no longer talk about operations but take more actions. He promised to keep the press and Nigerians posted on new developments.

In Shaa Allah, we are WINNING!!🙏