Dear students of Nigeria, It is both pensive and heavy-hearted to send you greetings at this time of ambush on our educational pursuit. I know and understand how robbed you are feeling right now. I feel the same way too, but it is time for us to fully understand that these set of camarillas that we see as leaders; are in reality our enemies and can do anything humanly possible to put our future aground.

We have seen in recent years how the sector of Nigerian education has been poorly managed by the elites steering the wheel of government. It is even more heartbreaking when you are made to know that the very people bombing this education are the ones who have benefited and are still benefiting handsomely from it. Records are very much available indicating that the likes of President Muhammadu Buhari had their education at the time when uniform, textbooks, exercise books, breakfast, lunch and dinner were given free to students. The time when students were even paid for being students.

It is therefore, problematic that we happen to fall in an unfortunate age: The age when you buy your own books and pay your tuition fee but deny access to quality education. We are an age of doom.

While it is not surprising that the government is completely unknowing of the fact that educational sector can be made a great source of income if properly handled, we should be very worried that our government is still battling with educating its young citizens when our age-brackets around the world are living in the age of innovations and creativity.

I cannot blame the Minister of education, Mallam Adamu Adamu for this failure because of reasons very obvious to our sights. I blame the president for picking someone from class of accounting and journalism as a minister of education as if he was the only person left in Nigeria with minimum certificate for ministerial position. I mean, how can you make someone who knows completely nothing about ‘education’ as field; a minister of education and expect education to thrive? Let’s think and find the answer together.

As sad as it is to see our education placed at a sorry state, there leave questions begging for answers why it is unsafe for schools to be reopened Nationwide but how it was very safe for gubernatorial elections to take place in both Ondo and Edo respectively. Recall that these elections were conducted at the time when we were locked at home and told to stay safe because covid-19 was scary and very deadly.

Well, I have to be honest with you that the answers are not far-fetched from the fact that Nigerian Government do not care about our education. The only thing that they care about and worship it with their lives; is their political ambition. Their minds are always dominated with thoughts on how to win political positions and remain on power not on how to improve the lives and well-being of citizens.

The second reason is because they don’t want us to gain intellectual freedom and take leadership positions. They want the children of the poor to remain poor and pass poverty as an inheritance to the generations yet unborn.

I also have to note with utmost frankness that some of us were very faithful to the belief that the struggle of ASUU was in the best interest of students and prosperity of Nigerian education, but their recent action on school resumption has sent that belief to an early grave. At the moment, we are not sure whether to trust in their struggle or believe that they are only fighting for their own interest(s).

NANS is another toothless dog who may bark without any bite just for political jamboree and media paparazzi. They are bunch of political boys who will always choose kola at the detriment of students’ interest and we cannot trust them. By sliding through these facts and more, you would be convinced that Nigerian education may not live to see tomorrow and that to me, is more deadly than covid-19.

But we should rise above all that and begin a Nationwide protest until our schools are reopened and our students are back in classes. And we should do that as long as it takes.

-We refuse to become political thugs.
-We refuse to become bandits.
-We refuse to become political singers.
-Open our schools now.
-Education is our right and we demand for it.
-We cannot waste another academic year.
-We must graduate.
Let’s succeed together.

~Lawal Mu’azu
Student of Bayero University, Kano.