Let me admit from the on start that I knew Dauda Lawal from the beginning. I mean the beginning of his life. I am his uncle. I say categorically that our relationship cannot becloud me against the truth. I am qualified to say that his growing up pointed to the type of the personality that he has attained.

Dauda was brought up under very strict standards. His father always said “if I don’t have money, I know that I am not foolish.” He wanted his children to attain a standard which would make him happy. Dauda’s mother wasn’t an easy woman to deal with. With her successful businesses and ageless wisdom, no one can rubbish her. Then came her grandmother, who believed that you must correct a child with a stroke or more of the cane to whip the erring child to line. I can say that Dauda had no reason to be wayward.

When Dauda was in higher institution, he had good uncles to point the right way to him. Some of us were working with very good companies, and the impacts of their good policies rubbed off on us. What we learnt on the work and in the training rooms of the companies were passed to him.

Dauda is a devoted Muslim. He carries his relationship with his Creator above all other things. Yes! He does. Some people within the family think that he is too religious for their liking. But in truth, having deep relationships with the Almighty God is a limitless thing. Ability to withstand good and bad times comes with one’s belief in God. In Nigeria, it is not easy to find many trustworthy people, but Dauda distinguishes himself. Through the mercy of God, he successfully moves on.

Dauda is a lesson in loyalty. He is indefatigable. Give Dauda any reasonable assignment, and you can be rest assured that the assignment will be perfectly done. People who know him will attest to his hardworking nature. He doesn’t look at the time whenever an important assignment is on his desk.

Is Dauda faultless? No, no! He forcefully believes in doing what is right and this keeps him getting contradicted by quite a number of people who believe they must make profits from all assignments. He is at edge whenever he realises that you are working against his targets.

Dauda is good looking. Very amiable. The way he looks is the way he is, inside. A very pleasant person to know. You are meeting one of the strongest willed persons if you have ulterior motives.

I am Chief Abiodun Ajayi.