But sincerely, as the Yoruba will say, we may know the beginning of a war, but no one can predict its end. Someone just called to tell me that the war has started and the battle to safe the soul of the Yoruba nation has begun. The yoruba nation has been teleguide and captured long before now. They collected our instruments of war and gave us beancake with milk.

And come to think of it, our President’s body language is so misleading and disappointing. He has the mandate to protect the citizens whenever any part of the country is been terrorised. He should speak up this time and say no to barbarism, terrorism and killings of innocent Nigerians. He should stand up for justice, fairness and egalitarianism.

There is too much fear in the land and nobody is taking action or addressing the malvicious altitudes of the herdsmen. Must we all fold our arms? Either Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo, or Ijaw of the South South, Nigeria is one and no group should be seen terrorising others.

Now, the Buhari presidency should be very proactive, he should strive to unite the country and make it conducive for all of us to live. Like President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, I expected PMB to prioritize national development, security and constitutional review. Our constitution should sought to protect the citizens of Nigeria wherever they may be. We should work to discourage ethnicity and promote meritocracy. That way we can proclaim Nigeria as one country.

Killings, Kidnapping and other security treats to national unity should be totally uprooted from our lives, whoever or group that are behind this should be exposed and treated according to our laws, which as it is needed to be urgently reviewed. Our laws are too weak and soft to handle criminals, and that’s why many are resulting to self-help and jungle justice. What can the Yoruba do in the face of constant provocation, treat to lives and killings? It’s appalling, worrisome and distasteful.

I will be back…