We are socio-culturally extroverted in this part of the country, the whole of the South-West is famous for weekend celebrations, and parties-this is our reality; this is who we are. We are a people who celebrate at every point and every point. You can hardly find an average Yoruba man or woman who does not like partying-the new generation christened it “Ówàn’bè”.

Who we are is a function of all of the values that we hold as a people. We are widely known for celebration parties of all sort, spanning from naming ceremony to wedding parties, house warming, etc. We are a merry people, we celebrate all forms of achievements and events, but, on the other hand, we must take to consideration the reality of the second wave of the noble Coronavirus in our country and the South-West.

The Federal and State Government is soft-peddling the enforcement of another lockdown because enforcing another lockdown will do no good than harm. While Covid-19 awareness campaigns are ongoing the onus is on everybody to be the keeper of his/her-self, maintain all safety protocols; maintain social distance, use nose mask, frequent washing of the hands, etc. But this is not so with many of us. I attended the wedding celebration of a family friend over the weekend in Ota- Ogun State. I was amazed at how the family deemed it fit to make provision for nose masks, and how they kept announcing the need for everyone to use one.

On the contrary, many of the attendees jettisoned the reality of the second wave of this monster called Covid-19. But many forgot the need to adhere to all Covid-19 safety protocols as the party progresses, except for a few of us who obeyed Covid-9 safety protocols religiously, a few of us maintained the safety protocol amidst excitement and jubilation.

I know we are a joyful people we celebrate each of our achievements and events. But the reality of the resurgence of this virus calls for strict compliance to all stipulated guidelines. We should all remember that this same virus is bringing big nations to their knees. If God has been helping us in this nation thus far, we all need to also comply with all safety protocols, need to say heaven help those who help themself?

The reality of who we are and the Coronavirus is directly opposite, for us to live to tell the story we need to stay safe.

Oyebisi Abayomi writes from Ado-Ekiti
email: soamabayomi@gmail.com