That Nigeria has myriad of security challenges is no news however what is news is the ways and manner we respond to those challenges per time ( we deploy the same tactics over and over again and we expect different results).

Security situations are fluid hence there’s no country that has a silver bullet to such challenges. In the light of this, Nigeria’s Security challenges stems from :

  1. Exponentially low police to populace ratio.
  2. Lack of morale among the rank and file of the Police
  3. Lack of both hard and software for both Security and antiterrorism. For example the ratio of Police to population in the Nigerian context is ratio 1 : 379, meaning for every 379 Nigerians there’s only 1 police officer to protect that huge number not untying into consideration alot of officers attached to politicians and all other VIPs. In the light of this analysis, the ratio is likely going to be 1: 600. From the above, the only sustainable, feasible and practical way out of our security logjam is to allow citizens to legally bear arms ( it put pressure off the undererforming police).
    I know individuals legally bearing arms would send shivers down our spine however the advantages outweighs the disadvantages.


  1. Reduces armed robberies to zero ( afterall weapons are in circulation howbeit only in the hands of criminals).
  2. It offers personal protection so police could focus on more serious security challenges
  3. Revives or springs up gun industry hence contributing to GDP


  1. Initial abuse of personal weapons.
  2. Initial rise in domestic violence

From the above disadvantages ( initial rise in gun abuse) it is pertinent to note that such abuse would be temporary and a decrease will follow over time.

From this brief analysis the advantages of allowing Nigerians bear legal arms outweighs the disadvantages.

The FG should as a matter of national security be dynamic, fluid and creative on security because criminals are daily evolving better ways to beat the system and you know what? Presently they are winning.

Kayode Omoboya
US Army Veteran and Counter Terrorism Consultant writes from Florida.