The Yoruba Ronu Leadership Forum yesterday raised the alarm that the ban on mining activities in Zamfara State by the national security council and the declaration of the state a no-fly zone area order are double-edged sword for peace.

In a statement issued by the President of the group, Mr. Akin Malaolu, the group recalled that between 2006 and 2007 the then governor Sani Yerima displaced a large population of Fulanis from many mining sites and replaced them with Hausa youths to take charge.

The statement noted that the displacement at that time caused both discomfort and death on the Fulani youths who then took to banditry.

“If the government is placing ban, we hope they won’t cause new displacement that could re-enact same security challenges we are yet to surmount.

“Our candid advice is for the federal government to take absolute control of mining sites in Zamfara and in other states to nip in the bud such more scenario of troubles.

“Nigerians ought to be told the whole truth about the story that gave rise to banditry in the North-west of Nigeria. Fortune has been made through unofficial gold mining for decades and now is the time to put complete stoppage to corruption in that sector. The no fly zone is proper”.