After reporting its lowest COVID-19 daily infection figure in seven months on Saturday, Nigeria recorded another relatively low number on Sunday with 269 new cases.

This is according to an update by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Sunday night.

In the update, however, Lagos, the epicentre of the disease in Nigeria, which on Saturday recorded almost a third of the day’s total, had no infection.

It is not immediately clear if this because no case was found in the commercial city on Sunday or that Lagos officials did not turn in infection figures.

Such incidents have happened at least four times since the beginning of this year with the NCDC saying Lagos State health authorities did not report their infection figures.

With no new cases reported from Lagos, Enugu had the highest daily figure with 78 new infections on Sunday.

Nigeria suffered its worst phase of the COVID-19 outbreak between December and January as daily infections averaged over 1,000.

Recently, however, infection figures have been relatively low with daily cases hovering between 200 and 700 in the past two weeks except for the 709 infections recorded Thursday and the 195 recorded Saturday.

With the latest figure, the total infection in the country is now 158,506.

Nigeria also recorded five deaths from COVID-19 on Sunday.

While daily infections have reduced, the fatality toll in the country has been relatively been high. Sunday’s death tally raised the fatality toll in the past five days to 62 in total.

With the latest figure, the total fatality toll in the country is now 1,969, according to the NCDC.