The Ekiti East State Constituency 1 bye-election which started at 8.30 a.m. today witnessed 100% opening of polls at 8.30 a.m.

The exercise commenced on a good note in a peaceful and orderly manner. However, at about 10.00 am there were reported cases of violence:

i. In two (2) PUs of ward 09 (Obadore IV); polling unit 8 (Baba Egbe houselodouro/Odoule) & polling unit 9 (Beside BabaEgbe/Odouru/Odoule) i. Polling unit 07 (Aro street/Aro) of ward 07 (Obadore II).

In PU 07, ward 07 three (3) voters were shot dead while a youth corper, a police woman and an INEC staff sustained gunshot wounds. These created fear in the ad hoc staff resulting in most of them threatening to withdraw from the exercise.

The security personnel have also threatened to withdraw and the State Commissioner of Police is fully aware of the situation.

It is unfortunate that inspite of the effort of the Commission in giving Nigerians free, fair, credible and inclusive election, the Political class appears to be unprepared for an improved electoral process.

The situation is such that, a conducive environment cannot be guaranteed for further electoral activity at the PUs and the Collation centers.

In view of this development, the Commission has suspended the election forthwith.

Dr. Télla Adeniran
Resident Electoral Commissioner
Ekiti State