The Ekiti State Council of Elders has urged Yoruba activist Sunday Adeyemo (aka Sunday Igboho) and others advocating for ethnic self-determination to pursue their activism legitimately.

The Council views with grave concern the present security and socioeconomic situation in Nigeria and Yoruba land in particular, saying no efforts must be spared to correct the perceived crises in the system.

This was contained in a resolution reached at the end of its meeting and communicated to journalists through a statement signed by its Chairman, Prof Joseph Oluwasanmi and Secretary, Mr Ajibulu, on Tuesday.

The Council said the confusion in the system revolved around the deafening calls for restructuring and issues of insecurity, urging the government to step up efforts and resolve the crises in due course.

The council resolved that:

‘Restructuring should be pursued more vigorously by all the proponents; that self-determination should be pursued legitimately by the proponents; that political and traditional leaders at all levels in Yoruba land and elsewhere in Nigeria should brace up in confronting the on-going security challenges across the country;

‘That the process for a fresh constitution be commenced; which shall reflect the yearnings of Nigerians for fairness, equity and justice; further, that the state governors and representatives at all levels of governance should continue to press for the establishment of state police; that governments in Yoruba land should enforce the laws banning open and night grazing.

‘That all means of securing our land should be vigorously pursued and the initiative of states governments at securing their people should be appreciated by the Federal Government.

‘Amotekun Corps in the Southwest should be allowed to carry arms.

‘That all illegitimate foreigners should be repatriated with immediate effect.

‘That governments should facilitate and encourage agriculture among the populace to ensure food security and avoid dependency.

‘Finally, Council affirms that the Security of our life, livelihood, property and values is sacrosanct.’

The Council regretted that the advocacy for re-structuring has been on-going for a long time without much progress.

It added: ‘Also, that the palpable tension in Yoruba land is occasioned by the activities of marauding bandits and vagabond herdsmen; that government efforts at both federal and state levels are not sufficiently effective at checkmating the persistent killings, kidnapping and destruction of lives, livelihoods and properties across the country.

‘That there is now growing agitation for self-determination in Yoruba land and many other parts of Nigeria; that people have the right to self-determination.

Source: SUN NEWS