The level of senseless outrage coming from Lere, the media aid to Fayose and Director of publicity for Bisikay campaign shows level of emptiness and pettiness from someone who is expected to know.

Lere and his bootlicking footsoldiers  came up with baseless arguments after the news of the appointment of Onisan of Isan-Ekiti as Chairman Council of Obas in the state broke.

Although, one expects Lere to have learnt over the years how to brilliantly engage in political issues, but for him everything is politics and propaganda, and Ekiti people are no longer surprised  by his unprofessional engagements.

In recent times, I have read a screenshot of him saying the only duty he has is to paint black the government of the day. Who then expects something good from such a fellow who has vowed never to see or speak good about the current administration?

I likewise read on a platform where he aurged that the appointment is morally wrong, and that it should be rotated on senatorial basis. If I may ask;  is it entrenched in Ekiti State Cheiftancy law that the Chairman of Obas must be rotated on Senatorial basis? Is Onisan Of Isan Ekiti, Oba Gabriel Ayodele Adejuwon qualified for the post? Did any Oba in the state raise alarm of being short-changed? Should Fayemi not appoint the king all because they are from the same place? Was there any report at any fora if due-process was not followed in the appointment process?…

All of these questions are begging for answers, and Lere and his folks should not tell me other kings were subdued or supressed  because our Kings are bold, and we place much premium on their roles in our State. If any of the other Kabiyesis were aggreived they would have retorted and make public their Stans. However, since egbon Lere has decided to assume the duty of SSA Chieftaincy Matters I will like to remind him that, he is still unable to properly manager the role of Admin of his party and Ekiti Town Hall WhatsApp group, and as such, must not be seen delving into a more complex issue of this nature, instead, he should think of how to be a better WhatsApp Admin, or face the sinking ship of his Party and the publicity job he is doing for his Party Chairman who doubles as an aspirant. At least, that will put food on his table for now. Crying than the bereaved in this context  makes no sense.

Never the less, if he insist to further engage in the discussion of the legality or morality of the appointment of Onisan as Chairman of Council of Obas, he should get himself a copy of the written document containing the laws of Cheiftancy in the land, read, digest and  come for further engagement.

Oyebisi Abayomi writes from Ado-Ekiti and can be reached via