The coronation ceremony of the 21st Olu of Warri Kingdom, Omoba Emiko Tsola, will hold on August 21, 2021, at the Ode-Itsekiri Island in Delta State.

This was announced in a statement yesterday after Tsola successfully completed his Idaniken Rite of Seclusion.

According to the Prime Regent of Warri Kingdom, Prince Emmanuel Okotiebo, the coronation of Tsola will bring good fortune to the people of Itsekiri and Delta State in general.

“From that August 21, it is going to be a new beginning in Delta State and Itsekiri land; more progress and love will follow,” Okotiebo said.

Speaking also on behalf of the Council of Chiefs, the Secretary of Warri Council of Chiefs, Dr Eugene Ikomi, highlighted that a visit to the coronation site shows very clearly that they were on course.

He emphasised: “The amphitheater is almost complete and the city itself is agog with activities. Certainly, August 21, 2021 is sacrosanct.”

The indigenes of Itsekiri recalled that in 1480 when the Kingdom was founded, Warri had a diverse lineage of royals. Hence, they strongly believe that Prince Emiko’s reign heralds a new dawn.