Over the years successive governments in our states have been culpable of abandoning state projects. This anti-development attitude cut across all states of the Federation. But what is happening in Ekiti State under the administration of Dr Kayode Fayemi is different and I hope it will be replicated in other parts of the country.

I have seen viral picture of Ekiti State Civic Centre, a building that is proposed to house; shopping malls, cinema, Meusuem, eateries etc, completed by Dr Fayemi’s administration.

The completion of this building wouldn’t have been a news if the administration that tookover from JKF’s first term deemed it fit to complete the project. However, this piece is not targeted at blaming who failed to do what. It is just to reiterate the need for successive administrations in the state to complete projects handed over to them by their predecessors.

This brings me to the self-effacing nature of Dr.Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti who has made huge impact by completing abandoned projects scattered across the State. His giant strides speaks volume even though he says nothing about them. Kudos to the State House of Assembly for supporting this course when they passed the Law that prohibits the abandonment of State projects by any adminstration or government. In Ekiti of today it is prohibited to abandon a project or failed to complete projects inherited from one’s predecessor. Other states can learn from this. It is the kind of law we need to foster infrastructural development in all the States of Nigeria not minding the party in power.

Ekiti and by extension Nigeria at large obviously need leaders who have the tenacity to set goals and achieve them. Not the ones who initiates programme to enrich their purae or Cronies. We need leaders who will start exactly where their predecessor stopped. Not a boss leader who is coming into power with the mind of scrapping existing productive programmes or abandon them because they weren’t initiated by his administration or party. This is doable only when successive administrations see funds expended on any abandoned project as a waste of State resources when they abandon the project for political or whatever reasons. More importantly, successive governments should look beyond bitter politics, ensure that productive state’s projects are not abandoned for whatsoever reason. This will go a long way in building a better state for all.

Now to the crux of the matter, Ekiti State Civic centre complex was conceived and birthed by the JKF1 administration but wasn’t completed, and within the four years of the reign of Fayose who succeeded Fayemi the uncompleted Civic centre was totally abandoned and reduced to a mini-forest, where rodents and reptiles live. Whereas, this project is a potential source of IGR and jobs to the State, it will also promote socio-cultural development as it proposes to have a musuem, cinema, library, shopping mall, eateries etc.

The reason for the total abandonment of a viable income generating project for me is not clear. Maybe the stomach infrastructure government wanted to hunt games their, no one can tell. However, Congratulation to Governor Kayode Fayemi, not only for completing the projects neglected by his immediate successor, but also being able to complete projects initiated by the past administration of Segun Oni and Fayose respectively. Here is a list of the projects I know of that were completed or brought back to life by his administration; Ọja Ọba, Ekiti state abadoned secretariat complex, Ekiti Asphat plant, Gossy water, Ikun diary farm. Fountain hotel and many more.

This gesture speaks volume about a leader who truly wants the State to grow, and I hope government of other states and party will learn from this gestures. Development in a state is rapid and continuous when government see the need to continue state projects initiated by their predecessor not minding which side of the political divide that initiated it.

Happy third year anniversary to The Governor of Ekiti State and happy 25th anniversary to Ekiti State.

Oyebisi Abayomi writes from Ado Ekiti