Nigerian Breweries Assures Safety of Gulder Ultimate Search Participants

As the regional selection for the survival reality TV show, Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS), kicks off this week, Nigerian Breweries Plc (NB), has assured the safety of participants for the new season.

With the reality show involving mostly outdoor activities, the organisers in a statement disclosed that high tech security agencies are deployed.

“We have the full complement of all private, public and high tech security agencies who have been mobilised to keep the facility impenetrable and protect the lives and properties of contestants and crew members. The entire sites are fully equipped with an all-around armed team monitoring the CCTV footage round the clock.”

The statement added that Covid-19 protocols and guidelines will be strictly adhered to.
“We are working with the full Nigerian Breweries’ Plc. medical team, as well as top medical consultants who have set the medical and Covid-19 protocol guide to be used during the regional selections, the filming in the jungle and also for the entire GUS and NB crew.”

The show is coming back after a five-year hiatus with the theme ‘The Age of Craftsmanship’. According to the organisers, the edition is specifically for individuals who have “a curious mind, are continually searching for answers beyond set boundaries, and are willing to try new things and enjoy every moment.”

Registration began on September 1 and closed on September 10. The regional selection will take place in three cities: Abuja (September 14-15); Enugu (September 15-16); and Lagos (September 16-17).
The ultimate winner of the season will be walking away with over N50 million worth of prizes.



Davido to act in new Hollywood movie

Multiple award-winning singer and DMW boss, Davido has revealed he will be harnessing his acting skills as he will be properly featuring in a new Hollywood movie.

The “Shopping Spree”singer confirmed in an interview with DJ Carisma that filming is ongoing in California although details of the movie remains undisclosed.

Davido also disclosed the new movie is partly the reason he’s still out in the US as he will be taking on an actual acting role unlike his debut in the movie, “Coming 2 America.”

He said: “I got movies coming on, I did a little acting in ‘Coming to America 2’ but I didn’t really act, I performed at the wedding.

“Now I’m about to do a little acting, I just got enrolled in this movie, part of why I’m out here.”

Recall the 30BG boss featured in the 2021 sequel of 1988 hit comedy film “Coming to America.”

In the comedy film, he featured as himself where he performed one of his hit songs, “Assurance.”



Why I abandoned my call to bar for BBNaija – JMK

One of the new Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemates, JMK, has revealed that she abandoned her call to bar so that she could be on the show.

JMK made this known while discussing with Angel, as the duo was trying to get acquainted with each other, following the addition of JMK and three others on the show.

According to JMK, she forfeited her call to bar because of the show as she had to choose between both. She said that since her result came out very well, she’ll be able to do her call to bar later but BBNaija was an opportunity that couldn’t wait.

She said, “It was tough for me and I was losing it. It was between what my parents would think obviously; ‘After you spend six years and you did not make your call to bar?’ Then, there was me trying to make a decision for myself.

“The opportunity that comes with this is huge.  I’m not saying law school is not important but this is huge. So if I can have it both ways, why should I leave one for the other?

“It’s not like the call to bar is running. If I didn’t go now, I’ll not come to Big Brother again.”

JMK also said that she’s glad that she’s finally into the show as she added, “I don’t know. I feel like if I wasn’t meant to be here, I wouldn’t be.”



BREAKING: Popular Nigerian singer, Sound Sultan confirmed dead

Multi-talented Nigerian singer and songwriter, Lanre Fasasi, popularly known as Sound Sultan, has been confirmed dead.

The announcement of his death was made by the family of the 44 -year-old musician, who passed away in the early hours of Sunday, July 11, 2021, after a hard-fought battle with Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma.

He is survived by his wife and 3 children.

Details later…


FIRS asks banks to freeze DSTV’s MultiChoice accounts over alleged N1.8 trillion tax fraud

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has asked some commercial banks (as agents) to freeze and recover N1.8 trillion from accounts of MultiChoice companies. The firms are MultiChoice Nigeria Limited (MCN) And MultiChoice Africa (MCA).

This was confirmed in a statement issued by Mr Abdullahi Ahmad, Director, Communications and Liaison Department of FIRS in Abuja, on Thursday.

The agency disclosed that the decision to appoint the banks as agents and to freeze the accounts arose from the companies’ continued refusal to grant FIRS access to their servers for audit.

FIRS had discovered that the MultiChoice firms persistently breached all agreements and undertakings with the Service.

Details later…



Twitter ban: FG directs NBC to commence process of licensing all social media operations in Nigeria

The Federal Government has directed the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to immediately commence the process of licensing all social media operations in Nigeria.

This was disclosed by the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, via a statement issued by the Ministry’s spokesperson, Segun Adeyemi on Friday.

The Minister added that Twitter’s operations in the country were suspended, indefinitely.

According to the statement, the suspension was predicated on “The persistent use of the platform for activities that are capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence.”

“The Federal Government has also directed the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to immediately commence the process of licensing all OTT and social media operations in Nigeria,” the statement read.



Baba Ijesha’s confession was obtained under duress – Yomi Fabiyi

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has claimed that the confession of his embattled colleague, Baba Ijesha, alleged of molesting a minor was obtained under duress.

Amid Fabiyi’s latest protest, Iyabo Ojo, an actress, had filed a lawsuit against the film star alleging defamation.

The Nation reports the duo had been at loggerheads with contradictory views on the case of Baba Ijesha.

On Wednesday, the feud between them took a new dimension as Iyabo filed an N100 million lawsuit against him for alleged defamation.

In a video from the protest, and shared on Fabiyi’s Instagram page on Thursday, the movie star stated that the continued detention of Baba Ijesha beyond 48 hours without recourse to the courts for a “fair hearing is illegal.”

Fabiyi also claimed that the confession by the suspect was obtained under duress, with the video where he admitted to committing the assault showing that the embattled actor was “tortured into speaking”.

“Citizens must respect when the police are discharging their lawful duties. Also, the people have rights. But what we observe is that, when our colleague Baba Ijesha was brought here, so many evidences were thrown online,” Fabiyi can be heard saying.

“We maintained that we would patiently allow the rule of law take its course; allow the police do their job. The CP came out and said it’s a bailable offence. But it’s getting to two weeks now and he’s not been released.

“A minor was used as a bait. Police have not touched on that. There is evidence of torture (on Baba Ijesha). There is evidence of obtaining confession under duress. They even threatened to kill the suspect. The police have not acted on these.

“DPP advice is a legal advice. It’s not a court. This man is still adjudged innocent until proven guilty.

“The law is the law. Nobody or organisation can rule or extend continued detention of any suspect on bailable offence(s) in police custody beyond 48 hours except a seating judge from a competent court.

“And now that the court is on strike. Releasing Baba Ijesha on administrative bail to a reliable surety is the best approach. Even as we speak, the rights of the gentle man is already been trampled upon,” Fabiyi added.



Pastor quits church to become Club Stripper

A former pastor identified as Nikole Mitchell says her new job has given her life skills that have made her a better parent.

Mitchell, who has now become a stripper, was born and bred in a baptist family in Ohio, US, became very religious in her 20s.

She spent six years not even kissing a man claiming Jesus was her boyfriend at the time.

However, she decided to change her career from a pastor to a stripper when she started evaluating her sexuality.

The now stripper says she believes her career change is giving her children a far better start in life than they would have had if she remained religious.

According to the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast, Mitchell says she and her children freely talk about sex, consent, bodies and what’s right and not.

“[We have] All kinds of conversations and equipping them with tools that I was never equipped with as a kid growing up,” she said.

“It is now so important to me now as a mum to teach my kids these things so they have these skills for a life time, for dating, relationships, for their working environment for who they become, whatever they end up doing these are life skills everyone needs.

“I would say my work has prepared me and helped me with that better than anything else in my life.”

Nikole admitted she “had a lot of fear” leaving religion, as she worried her kids would “go mad” at her for missing out on the “community” of the church.

“Are they going to feel ashamed of me, are they going to be mad at me for embarrassing them with the internet content, all the fears that you can think of, I have thought about them a million times more than any other person?”

But having seen other people be porn stars and have children, she spoke with the pornstars and from it decided it was the right move for her.

“Now I am where I am, I feel that not only my sense of sexuality but the sex work I do is so much healthier than this sex mindset that I grew up with in the church,” she said.

“So I think that the most toxicity you can have about sexuality, sex, bodies, can come from the kind of church that I came from and I remember looking at the big picture and thinking I’m giving my kids a much better gift.”

Now the former pastor earns around £70,000.



Baba Ijesha: Iyabo Ojo releases full WhatsApp chat with Yomi Fabiyi

Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Iyabo Ojo, has released the full text of her chat with her colleague, Yomi Fabiyi, to show Nigerians that the part he shared, where she was apologizing to him, doesn’t represent the full state of things.

In the chats shared by Yomi, Iyabo had apologized for exposing him to cyberbullies.

Yomi said it’s proof that she admitted to cyberbullying and he threatened legal actions against her.

But the full text released by Iyabo, shows Yomi telling her about the ‘kind regard’ he has for her and said he will be the last one to come for your words or post.

Yomi also stated that he was hurt she called him out for his words in a video where his utterances gave the impression that he was leaning towards supporting embattled Nollywood thespian, Baba Ijesha.

“When you see the video, knowing how much I value you, you should call me before attacking my stance,” Yomi told Iyabo in their chat before adding that her post made subjected him to cyberbullying.

This is the point when Iyabo then said she was sorry he was cyberbullied but reiterated that she will keep speaking for the victim.

After sharing the full chat, Iyabo warned Yomi Fabiyi that he can’t make peace with her on WhatsApp then go online to chase clout, she further advised him not to mess with her.

See full chat as shared by Iyabo Ojo on her Instagram page below:

Iyabo Ojo releases her full chat with Yomi Fabiyi to show the real picture of their conversation
Iyabo Ojo releases her full chat with Yomi Fabiyi to show the real picture of their conversation
Iyabo Ojo releases her full chat with Yomi Fabiyi to show the real picture of their conversation
Iyabo Ojo releases her full chat with Yomi Fabiyi to show the real picture of their conversation
Iyabo Ojo releases her full chat with Yomi Fabiyi to show the real picture of their conversation
Iyabo Ojo releases her full chat with Yomi Fabiyi to show the real picture of their conversation
Iyabo Ojo releases her full chat with Yomi Fabiyi to show the real picture of their conversation
Iyabo Ojo releases her full chat with Yomi Fabiyi to show the real picture of their conversation
Iyabo Ojo releases her full chat with Yomi Fabiyi to show the real picture of their conversation

Iyabo Ojo releases her full chat with Yomi Fabiyi to show the real picture of their conversation
Iyabo Ojo releases her full chat with Yomi Fabiyi to show the real picture of their conversation



Baba Ijesha was dating princess, victim, Sir Koro alleges

Popular comedian and Instagram sensation, Abimbola Olasunbo popularly known as Sir Koro has alleged that Comedienne Princess and Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo deliberately set up embattled Yoruba actor, Olanrewaju James, popularly known as Baba Ijesha.

The Nation reports the embattled actor will face a five-count charge following an alleged rape and sexual assault on a minor.

The allegation, which has been a subject of public debate, has also pitched actors and actresses in different tents.

The now-viral CCTV footage, which showed the embattled actor kissing and fondling sensitive parts of the body of the minor, surfaced online on Sunday morning.

The eight-minute long footage, which The Nation viewed, sees the actor licking and sucking the fingers of his victim.

He could also be seen caressing the minor’s legs and thighs in the video while the identity of the minor was not concealed.

The actor would later lift his victim’s dress as he further caressed her body

In another video, the comic actor was allegedly caught pant down, sitting on the floor and pleading for forgiveness while being questioned by Princess and other people.

In the two-minute video, Baba Ijesha could be seen and heard echoing, “Please forgive me, I won’t do it again.”

But reacting to the video, Olasunbo Sir Koro who expressed displeasure over Baba Ijesha’s act, raised salient points on the allegations.

He said: “I do not support Baba Ijesha, let me clear that air, but I want every man to know that no man is a freeman, when the home is empty, everyone is a thief.

“There is a secret behind all of these dramas, especially with Iyabo Ojo’s insistence on pursuing the case to the letter.

“Do you know that Aunty Iyabo has been raped before? Please don’t be offended Aunty Iyabo, it is because I know how pained you are over the matter. The secret about Aunty Iyabo’s rape is also known to Baba Ijesha and it is a top secret and this why Aunty Iyabo feel offended.

“Princess and Baba Ijesha have very intimate relationship for many who don’t know. They are dating themselves.”

He went on: “Princess and Aunty Iyabo are very good friends, it was when they spoke about it that they decided to confirm and set Baba Ijesha up.

“CCTV was not used in setting Baba Ijesha up, all those who have CCTV camera either at home or office, is it fixed to the ground level?

“The two men that were seen leaving in the video were the ones who came to set the 60D camera. CCTV does not pick voice but this particular camera picked their voice conversation.

“You will see in that video that the girl was the one who made the first move towards Baba Ijesha, then he made advances too and embraced her.”

Sir Koro further questioned why the girl was stationed to sit in the same spot even when she left to get something, adding it was a planned set-up.

He made a strong allegation that Princess had aborted a baby for the girl and that was what brought the matter to fore.

He however urged the government to arrest Princess, the girl and the two men who were involved in the setting up, before passing its final verdict on Baba Ijesha.


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